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Perhaps the most important space in your home is your living room. It’s the center of Laughter, games, sharing a movie, entertaining, it all happens here, together. Often this part of your home will represent the style of the rest of your residence.  It’s also a great place to start if you wish to make some style changes, because any other decorating choices tend to flow from here.  If this is the heart of your household then consider that Brushstrokes of SWFL will add the color, style and excellence that will bring its soul to life.

What’s trending in living room paint colors?

First, you will need to consider your furniture and interior decorations. Are you changing them or keeping with a view to refreshing your family space. If you’re starting from a blank slate because you have new build or you want to redesign this space, then we offer free color consultations for a minimal charge. All color consultation fees are redeemable against the cost of the project. Alternatively, our expert Interior Designer, a long time Florida resident and perfectionist can help you to shop around for the styles and colors of furniture and decorations prior to putting a lick of paint on the walls. We really do it all!

If you are just wanting to update the living room walls, stick to neutral or look at color wheel complimentary colors. We can help or have fun with your own ideas. Think about what you are naturally drawn to or influences, such as nature or time periods that interest you. We’ve seen Great Gatsby! Truly, this is your masterpiece, we are here to bring it to life.

Painting a Living Room

Expect every piece of furniture to be removed an all wall items. Anything that cannot be removed will be expertly prepped for installation of wallpaper or any paint touches the walls, ceiling, trim, wainscoting, coving or crown molding. Afterwards, you’ll be so pleased you chose Naples professional painters, Brushstrokes of SWFL because you will have your room restored, cleaned up and looking exquisite.