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At the beginning of a bathroom project, we assess the bathroom for any failing areas that may need to be repaired, sanded down or replaced.  Then comes the prep, necessary steps to ensure that the paint goes cleanly on the walls and beautiful lines are created. We cover everything with tape, drops cloths, plastic sheeting and remove furniture, fittings and fixtures as needed.

Our bathroom painting services also extend to painting cabinets, window trim, doors, and more.

How do I choose the best paint for bathrooms?

Ideally, you want to put paint on the bathroom walls that has a higher sheen. Paints with a high sheen resist moisture and are easier to clean. We don’t recommend flat and matte paint sheens.  If you would like color advice our in-house color consultant is available to help. Our painting experts will help you select the mildew and moisture resistant products for a long-lasting finish.,

What is the cost of painting a Bathroom?

Give us a call at (239) 272-5257 for a FREE no obligation quote. Our estimator will be able to give you a price on site once it’s been determined how much paint is needed and the time frame for the project. Once you hire Brushstrokes of SWFL you will see that we are the first choice for planning, budget, execution. Our prices are fair, and we make every effort to meet your budgetary requirements, try South West Florida’s #1 interior paint experts.